Jio Rs.449 vs Airtel Rs.449 vs Idea Rs.449 Prepaid Recharge Plans Compared for Offers, Benefits


Ever since the entry of Jio, the Telecom sector has seen tumultuous change on all fronts. Prepaid users have seen a bonanza of offers, deals, and freebies whether it is from Reliance Jio or Airtel or even Idea.

Here the various plans – Jio Rs.449 vs Airtel Rs.449 vs Idea Rs.449 are compared:

Reliance Jio Rs. 449 Prepaid Recharge Plan:

Users can enjoy unlimited free voice calls, which are not restricted at all whether they are local, STD or even roaming calls. What’s more, voice calls are allowed across all the operators as well. Regarding data, users get 136GB of 4G data. There is a daily FUP limit of 1.5 GB and post the breach of this limit, users can access the Internet at a paltry speed of 64 kbps.

Apart from this, the user also enjoys unlimited local, STD, roaming SMSes to all Telecom operators. And that’s not all, users get also free and unlimited subscription to Jio apps and this recharge pack has a validity of 91 days.

Airtel Rs. 449 Prepaid Recharge Plan:

Airtel has also launched its latest recharge plan of Rs. 449 to offer stiff competition to Reliance Jio, which also has a similar plan. Under this plan, users can get 2GB data daily and in all, over the complete validity period, they are eligible for a whopping 140GB of 3G/4G data.

The new plan is valid for just 70 days, which is in sharp contrast to the validity of Reliance Jio, which has a validity of 91 days for the same amount. Under Airtel’s plan, users also get unlimited local, STD and roaming voice calls. They get just 100 free SMSes with this plan irrespective of the fact whether it is local or STD.

Idea Cellular’s Rs. 449 Recharge Prepaid Plan:

Idea also has a very similar plan to Airtel and Reliance Jio. Under this plan, users can get free local and STD calls for the validity period of 82 days. The roaming incoming and outgoing calls are also free in this plan.

Regarding SMSes, the Idea users have definitely hit the jackpot because the company is offering them 8200 local and national SMSes with a daily limit of 100 SMSes. Data-wise also, Idea offers a good deal as users get a daily data FUP limit of 1.4 GB and in all, they can avail 114.8 GB of data over the entire duration of 82 days.

So, comparing all the above plans, Idea is bang in between in terms of the validity period. Jio obviously gives the best buck for the money as it has the highest validity period of 91 days. However, if you are a heavy data user then Airtel’s Rs. 449 Prepaid recharge plan would be ideally suited for your needs because it offers 2GB of data daily instead of Reliance Jio’s daily limit of 1.5 GB and Idea’s cap of 1.4 GB.

Reliance Jio’s entry in the Telecom space has really turned out into a win-win situation for the customers. Mukesh Ambani’s dream of making each and every Indian tech-savvy with equal access to Internet services is turning into a reality. In this regard, he said that “Broadband and digital services will no longer be a luxury item – a scarce commodity – to be rationed amongst the privileged few”.

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