Rising Kashmir

Reliance Foundation visits Kashmir for sports promotion

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Head for Strategy and Institute Reliance Foundation Youth Sport,
Shivani Kejriwal along with Head Strategic Relationship Management Reliance Group Support Services Lt. Col Rajneesh Akhoury (Retd.
) arrived Kashmir for a two day visit in order to explore various possibilities of future collaboration with J&K State Sports Council for the development and promotion of Sports in the State.
In this connection, Reliance Foundation and Sports Council is intending to sign a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) in the areas of Sports development and promotion at grassroots level.
The team interacted with almost 200 aspiring Sportspersons at TRC Ground Srinagar and had discussions on various aspects of improvement in various Sports disciplines.
The team also had a meeting with Advisor (K) to Governor Vijay Kumar and discussed various aspects of promotion & development of Sports in the State of J&K. They also expressed their willingness to support J&K State Sports Council in the areas of Sports Exchange Programmes, Capacity Building, Talent Identification, Scouting, High Performance training and Long Term Athlete Development Programmes (LTADP) for the promotion of Sports in the State.

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Download Android App NOW My Jio xyz google android app  Rising Kashmir MyJioxyz google play logo