Vishwaroopam 2 sinks and how!

A still from the film Vishwaroopam 2.

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Vishwaroopam 2 , Kamal Haasan’s inglorious swansong, is likely to lose a minimum of Rs 25-30 crores for its distributors Reliance Entertainment.Sources say  the Kamal-produced anti-terror espionage  thriller has proven  to be  a mission impossible for its producers.

According to sources, Reliance  bought the film off Kamal  as a premium product after the actor-politician had personally requested them to help with the financially troubled project.“Reliance took up the project on good faith. They were not allowed to see a  single frame. Nor were they  invited to make suggestions. It  was  presumed that Vishwaroopam 2 would  live up  to the reputation  of  the  first part released in 2013. However  the sequel turned out to be  cut-and-paste  follow up with some footage repeated  from the  first part,” says a source in the know.


Most critics and viewers have dismissed the film as chaotic, incoherent, indecipherable and utterly unpalatable. Even the staunchest Kamal  fans have found it hard to sit through the muddled mix of mayhem and nationalism rendered even more unpalatable by the actor-director’s overweening narcissism.

Quite literally , Kamal is in every frame, thereby rendering even the legendary Waheeda Rehman to a mere prop.From day 1 of release, Vishwaroopam 2 has proved a losing proposition. A  source from a leading multiplex chain says,  “This week’s  box office leader is the Hollywood shark-shocker The Meg. We have it in as many languages as Vishwaroopam 2. Audiences  much  preferred  the  Jaws rip off (The Meg is  in the same genre as  Stephen Spielberg’s Jaws released  four decades ago) rather than the shoddy Indian version of  Mission Impossible.”

Audiences  complain that Vishwaroopam 2 is  incoherent and  jumbled.The  collections of   Vishawroopam 2 are also proving abysmal. Says a trade analyst, “Vishwaroopam  in 2013  was no great shakes at  the  box office. But the controversy surrounding it helped generate some curiosty. This time there is nothing to bring audiences into theatres  to see  Vishwaroopam 2. The collections  are extremely pitiable.”

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