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MINE TROUBLE: The closed Dhanbad-Jharia railway line close to Bank More in Dhanbad on Friday. Picture by Gautam Dey

Dhanbad: Local residents are apprehensive of BCCL’s plan to mine coal from beneath the world alongside the Dhanbad-Chandrapura railway line, fearing that that it might meet the destiny of the Dhanbad-Jharia-Patherdih line that was shut down for related functions in 2005.

Ajay Jha, an previous-time resident of Katras, mentioned the difficulty was way more critical than made out to be. “We believe that everything was fixed between Bharat Coking Coal and the railways even before the closure of the Dhanbad-Chandrapura railway line on June 15, 2017 by citing the underground fire. No serious attempt has ever been made to douse the underground fire in order to tap coal,” mentioned the previous chairman of Bokaro Industrial Area Development Authority.

Others cite the 2005 shutdown of the Dhanbad-Jharia-Patherdih railway line for 15 years to mine coal, however alleged that mining couldn’t be carried out on a lot of the hearth-affected sections until date.

Jha questioned the logic behind final month’s survey of the Dhanbad-Chandrapura railway line carried out by senior officers of East Central railway, together with GM Lalit Chandra Trivedi and Additional GM Vidya Bhushan. “Yet at the same time, they are issuing statements regarding resuming train services on the railway line even as talks are being held between BCCL and railway for the handover of the land for mining,” he mentioned.

Acting president of Jharia Coalfield Bachao Samiti Ashok Agarwal additionally expressed critical doubts concerning the BCCL’s declare of returning the land on which the Dhanbad-Chandrapura railway tracks have been laid after finishing mining operations.

“If the Jharia-Patherdih, which was handed over to BC-CL way back in 2005 for 15 years is yet to be fully tapped, than how can we expect the area surrounding the Dhanbad-Chandrapura line to be returned to BCCL after completion of mining operations?” he mentioned.

Agarwal requested the folks of the district to launch agitation in the event that they needed to save lots of the rail line. “The time has come for people to protest against such steps. Otherwise, like the Dhanbad-Jharia-Patherdih line and RSP College-Jharia the Dhanbad-Chandrapura line will also become history. Gradually, all of Jharia town will also be taken over by BCCL for mining,” he mentioned.

President of Federation of Dhanbad Zilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rajesh Kumar mentioned they took exception on the state authorities’s efforts to confuse folks on the difficulty. “The Dhanbad-Chandrapura line was closed last year amid all kinds of statements with regard to the restoration of the railway track. Then suddenly, people came to know that the line would be handed over to BCCL for mining,” he mentioned.

Kumar additionally raised a basic query, one thing that every one of Katras is asking. “Why wasn’t an alternative rail line laid out before shutting down the Chandrapura line which was so crucial for local residents?” he mentioned.

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