Network towers in Bengaluru squatting on shaky grounds


By Manoj Sharma

* More than 4,500 buildings haven’t any occupancy certificates

* The BBMP says that violations in constructing plans and issues posed by structural top of towers could possibly be harmful

Our relationship with community towers is difficult. On the one hand we wish them for uninterrupted community and nil name drops however on the opposite, ever so typically there are claims and counter claims in regards to the dangerous results of radiation from these towers.

However, the towering drawback now’s neither of the above. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) says that whereas it has nonetheless not decided on registration charges for Telecom towers, a BBMP survey says 80% of the buildings with current community towers don’t have Occupancy Certificates.

A draft ready by the BBMP and the state authorities referred to as the Karnataka Installation of New Telecommunication Infrastructure Towers Regulations 2015, had mentioned that community towers put in by Telecom operators should possess property possession, sanctioned plan, occupancy certificates, lease deed, fireplace NOC, indemnity bond, forest NOC and different needed documentation to authenticate them. The draft additionally fastened Rs 2,50,000 because the registration payment (in case all the standards outlined by the draft had been met) and Rs 20,000 as an annual payment.

However, a BBMP official additionally added that the buildings with the community towers could not have the energy to bear the load of the towers.

During a gathering held between Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) suppliers and BBMP on 10/07/2017, the then Chairman of Tax and Finance (T & F) Standing committee, M Okay Gunashekhar had determined to provide 15 days’ time to all of the Telecom firms to register their towers in the town by paying Rs 50,000 as payment.

But on 30/08/2017, 5 Telecommunication firms self-declared a complete of about 6,766 towers to be working in the town and paid Rs 50,000 for every tower, which was permitted by the T&F Committee.

During the current assembly held by BBMP officers, the officers have submitted that “As per the principles set beneath Karnataka Installation of New Telecommunication Infrastructure Towers Regulations 2015, the Telecom firms which set up the towers should receive the OCs. But since lots of the buildings with the towers have violated constructing plans, they haven’t obtained their OCs. The Telecom operators have submitted their request to the federal government to rethink OCs as a criterion and the matter is being seemed into. With the set up of towers in buildings with no OCs, likelihood is that constructing house owners may method the courtroom to legalise their buildings as a result of towers.’’

An official from BBMP instructed, “It is already understood that the towers in the city are unauthorised as they have not obtained license for their operations in the city as the policy in that matter has not been made. Within the given deadline, about 6,766 towers have been registered by five Telecom Companies under self-declaration. But going by records, we have found that more than 4,500 buildings on which these towers have come up, have no Occupancy Certificates,” he mentioned.


Speaking in regards to the implication of putting in community towers in buildings with out OCs, the official mentioned, “This is worrying since the buildings which have no OCs are dangerous as they have violated the approved building plans. Building owners have built beyond what the foundations of the structure and size of the site can withstand. Such buildings can tilt anytime. A weak building along with the structural threat of tall network towers is a disaster waiting to happen. We cannot take action in the matter as there is no law which we can use to act in this matter. But the BBMP council can pass a resolution in the matter so that we can act. But the BBMP council committee was only interested in collecting the license fee.”

BBMP Chief Manjunatha Prasad mentioned that the Palike couldn’t act instantly in the matter although there may be clear violation by constructing house owners. “Currently there is no particular law by which the BBMP can act against the violators. The draft is currently being prepared and once it is complete, only then can we take action against the buildings which have no OCs and have still allowed towers to be installed. Let the draft Karnataka Installation of New Telecommunication Infrastructure Towers Regulations 2015 come first and then we will take action in the matter.”

But M Okay Gunashekhar, former Chairman of T & F Committee who raised the difficulty final 12 months thinks officers needs to be held accountable in the matter. “There needs to be a rule in the matter however we don’t have it presently. I’ve already acknowledged that each one

the towers in the town are unauthorised. If the buildings holding these towers haven’t any OCs then the Assistant Engineers (AE) and Assistant Executive Engineers (AEEs) needs to be held answerable for this. They ought to act towards the violating constructing house owners and demolish these buildings instantly. This doesn’t require council decision. Also it’s clear that the AEs and AEEs of wards are concerned with constructing house owners in the violation,” he mentioned.

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