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NEW DELHI: A prime authorities cybersecurity official on Friday clarified that India won’t face any web shutdown, quashing fears of an web blackout within the nation amid studies of a world outage. Russia Today had earlier reported that web customers throughout the globe might expertise widespread community failures attributable to routine upkeep of key area servers over the following 48 hours.

Speaking to NDTV, National Cyber Security Coordinator, Gulshan Rai, stated, “All arrangements are in place and there will be no internet shutdown in India as is being circulated in the media.”

The Russia Today report acknowledged that the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN will perform upkeep work throughout the 48 hours by altering the cryptographic key that helps defend the web’s deal with ebook or the Domain Name System (DNS).

This has been necessitated to counter the rising incidents of cyber assaults, Russia Today cited ICANN as saying. However, ICANN later clarified that the report had a “clickbait” headline and that the affect on customers can be minimal.

“Unfortunately, that story carries a headline that is a click bait. There will be minimal impact to users. Note that data analysis suggests that more than 99% of users whose resolvers are validating will be unaffected,” an ICANN spokesperson instructed NDTV.

The spokesperson additional acknowledged that “It has been about 20 hours since the rollover and based on all information we have, everything is going smoothly. There have been only a small handful of reports of issues suspected to be caused by the rollover. In all cases, it appears the impact was minor and the issues were quickly resolved.”

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